Ninja Rat vs. Sleeping Cat – Watch who Wins the Battle!

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I shall have my revenge. This was the thought circling within Ninja Rat’s mind whilst making quick but stealthy footsteps across the mountainous cushion cliffs of danger. He gave no thought to the consequences that one wrong misstep that could lead to fall or serious injury – for there was no time. He had been waiting countless minutes, of what seemed a relentless lifetime, preparing for this very moment. And now his time had finally come!

Slowing to a crawl to prevent detection, he could feel strength and energy gather within, continually surging stronger the closer he slowly crept. At last it was finally time to strike, he let out a battle cry that would make his village proud, and lept forward with all his might…

Who wins? Watch the video and decide for yourself!

  • katacular

    Hahaha, too funny! I like how the cat ended up in the exact same position as it was from start.