When Animals Attack – With Lightsabers

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Not that the world didn’t already know, but here are a few video clips that serve as proof:

Lightsabers make everything cooler.

Watch this epic chipmunk battle, Chip vs Dale, Anakin vs Obi Wan – Warning: do not pinch those chubby cheeks, you might lose a finger (hey, at least the wound would be instantly cauterized). Keep those fingers crossed, it is rumored a sequel might guest star Donald Duck as Yoda!

Here are two bored dogs, just trying to pass the time, with a little friendly lightsaber joust:

While there are no lightsabers in this video (apparently just the picture preview, how tricky!) – it is still a fun clip to watch, as Jedi Kitten learns to harness a newly discovered power:

This one has lightsabers, and much more!

That wraps it up for this post. But if you still need more laser sword, remember that even Grandma has a lightsaber! Oh, and if anyone knows where to find a grandma like this, please let me know – I would trade lightsaber training for some rare Tatooine Tusken Raider recipes!