Taekwando-It ‘Cuteness’ Style

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Watch this adorable young grasshopper ‘step up’ his game in attempt to earn his White Belt – hiya hiya hiya! Fair warning, this little karate kid will slay you with adorable cuteness, but you don’t need to worry about his feet quite yet.

For training purposes they use re-breakable plastic boards, which still require a good deal of effort and force. These provide an excellent alternative since they don’t waste wood, and prevent risk or injury via cuts from sharp edges or stray splinters.

Most everyone knows from the movies, that Black Belt is the highest color. White is the starting belt color, but do you know the colors in-between? Following White would be Yellow, Green, Blue, Red, and then Black. And you don’t just jump straight from one color to the next, as there are intermediary levels called ‘stripes’.

Enjoy the Video!